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project description

'Close-age' DUO stroller concept for Quinny, which had to look good as a MONO too.


I was the concept designer, in a team of 3. My responsibility was the look & feel of the concept; making sure it would fit the Quinny DNA and was intuitive in use.


I worked on this project as employee of Vanderveer designers; everything shown below is work that I contributed to the team.

design first!

what do parents expect from a (close age duo-) stroller? 


how can we conveniently arrange two siblings
on four wheels? 


which character should it portray?

Scroll down to see what my role was in the design process of the

Quinny Hubb concept!

Usually, stroller design is approached from the functional point of view: how does it fold? how can we produce this? and within budget? Design comes later... However, in this project we were assigned to start from the design perspective:


conversation starters

This way we could establish a prioritisation of the usability aspects.

This visual illustrates findings from our user research. I made these to get the client talking; what do they point out first?

The creative engineer had made these 'sewage piping' models that we used to determine the configuration. I used photos of these models as 'under layers' to sketch over. This way, you get the dimensions right, and it can serve as a reality check for the 'pringle' shape.

For the frame, we had to design the character line that you could recognise from 50 m away. We wanted something out of the ordinary, non-conventional.

The client immediately picked 'the pringle' shape as the one with most character. This was the key-sketch. It fitted perfectly into the Quinny DNA.

In order to get a grip on the dimensions, I made wire frame models, with thin aluminum tubes. We could get a sense of the actual size of the Hubb concept and compare it to other strollers in a line-up.





Prove that this approach of 'design first' amounted to something new, something visionary.


Artist impressions of the USP's, reinforced with a 1 to 1 3D printed model of just the character lines plus wheels.

We had transferred the 'wire frame' study into CAD and added the Quinny frame tubes. The 3D printed model clearly communicated the proportions. Below is one of the 'convince' visuals I have made for this vision presentation.


want to know more?

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Check out the final product here.

Meet the Quinny Hubb

We finally did the concept handover in december 2014. The Quinny design and engineering team took over from there. And in 2018 it hit the market!

reddot winner 2019.jpg

configuration evolution


Here you can see how the Hubb evolves together with your expanding family! You'll start in a MONO configuration, with the pram. Switch to a seat, rearward facing, once your child can sit upright unsupported. Turn the seat around when you see your child is starting to explore the world. When your second child arrives, switch to the DUO configuration. Starting out with the pram-seat combo, you can evolve all the way to the hop-on/off board for your oldest!

character line


We were very happy to see that the cool character of the HUBB prevailed to the final product! The big shopping basket is highlighted by the 'pringle'. It was a very cool experience to see what can happen when you put design first!



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