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sketching and painting

since 1990

purely hobby

mostly digital nowadays

sketching as a hobby

Since the age of 4 I have been sketching. It is my biggest hobby. 

digital sketching

Only in my third year of university I learned how to use the Wacom tablet in combination with Photoshop. I saw the awesome things you could do with it and I wanted to be able to do that as well. Later on I learned about brushes and digital painting. Below you can find some of my hobby projects.

Digital painting

January - October 2017

I had always wanted to make a movie poster in the style of the late great Star Wars posters from the 70s. If only there was a movie or a good story that I could make it for..

In 2010 I joined my dear friend Bas on a trip to NZ and OZ. We did 2,5 months of traveling in New Zealand and 2 months in Australia. It was the best trip of my life. So I thought it deserved a 'movie themed' tribute.

how many hours?

It took me probably over 200 hours to finish this.. and the best thing about it is that nobody benefits from this result at all, apart from me and Bas off course (since I had it printed on A0 size and gave it to him for his birthday). It was pure therapy/meditation/Zen stuff, and I loved it.

project movie poster

a movie poster style sketch of the New Zealand and Austrlia trip me and my good friend Bas made in 2010


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project 'surly' portrait

I thought it would be cool to have one of those 'sir-like' portraits of my father in my living room. So in the christmas holidays of 2013 I took a photo of my dad and started portraying him. His photo would be on an iPad next to my mac, for reference. 

how many hours?

It took me probably over 50 hours to finish this. It took me a lot of evenings within December. But for me, this is like meditation: gradually improving the painting with each stroke. 

December 2013



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portrait of Jaap

Jaap is one of my best friends. In the beginning of 2016 we went on a trip to Nicaragua together and Jaap grew the best mustachio over there. I thought that deserved a portrait. Again, a Christmas holiday project.

how many hours?

It took me probably around 30 hours to finish this. It has less detail then the portrait of my dad. Plus I mostly used Kyle T Webster's big wide softy brush, which is my favourite. Because it's a more rough brush, it doesn't allow too much detail.

December 2016



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